What is Unbranded?

A military spouse, Meredith knows how difficult it can be to try and give our kids experiences that enrich their lives while still affording the groceries. A dance teacher, with an extensive background, when she went looking for a program that suited her needs she could not find it...and thus Unbranded was born. 

We are here for the community, to enrich the community, and to create stronger bonds within the community. Dance isn't an art form that should only be attainable for some, dance should be for all.  Each year we grow and change to adapt to the needs of our students., we grow as teachers, as people, and as dancers.

Unbranded is the revolution. 

No more body shame

No more exclusion

No more I can't

This is the chance we have been given - and we will be driven.

Join our Family - Be part of the change. 

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Recreational Classes


 For students looking for recreational classes that provide a non-competitive environment and parents looking for budget friendly classes. 

$100 registration includes costume costs

$40 a month flat fee for your combination class.

Our recreational program blends cost effective and high quality to provide you a class experience that is not only varied but works to fit in your schedule.

Academy Program


 Our Academy Of Performing Art Program focuses on creating well versed performers with a solid technical foundation. 

Academy students are expected to not only demonstrate focus and respect for the sport and art of dance, but also community involvement a heart of service and a work ethic that can be unmatched. We expect the very best from our Academy students.