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About Unbranded Dance

 The arts are important, but that doesn't always mean they are accessible. At Unbranded Dance we are making a difference by providing classes within an accessible price range. With small class sizes, individual focus, and a spirit of community, Unbranded Dance may be the dance home you have been looking for. 

Making arts accessible doesn't mean we take away the quality of the instruction. Classes focus on the technique and history of the styles offered. Dance is more then just a series of steps, it has a life force, and is a continually changing, growing, and expanding art form. We believe in continual training for both the staff and students. Guest teachers, special classes, and convention events are offered to ensure your student is getting the best from us. 


About Meredith

Normally I simply include a biography of my training and work, but Unbranded isn't a normal studio. It was never meant to be and it probably never will be. It is unique.  I have a firm belief that with the right training and support anyone who is able can dance, and everyone who tries to dance deserves their moment to shine.

Here is when I share things that stir up all sorts of feelings, but it is the real reason my studio is the way it is. I grew up dancing, my mother was a dance teacher and studio owner. I have only ever known dance. In those formative preteen and teen years I found myself at a studio that didn't appreciate hard work, but instead beauty. I was a chunky child, and because of this I often was called out for drawing focus due to my size or my inability to look like a "real ballerina". I was graceful, talented, and hard working....or so my teachers told me...I would just never actually amount to anything because I wasn't pretty enough. Years later those teachers ate their words when I came to teach a workshop at my old studio, my choreography had just won gold in Vegas, and I was home visiting family. In true form they gave me the "rejected students" and those students ROCKED my choreography and moved the studio owner to tears, it was nice to hear that I was underestimated, but it still hurt to see so many students being treated the exact same way I had. I am what makes Unbranded different, because in my studio no student will ever be treated like that. Not by me, not by other students, and not by other parents. Here we are all dancers.