We Are All Dancers

What is Academy?

Focused Classes

Academy students are the students who know dance and performing arts are their passion. The ones who know that it takes hard work and determination. Academy classes are focused by style ensuring students reach the very best of their ability.

Small Class Sizes

Academy classes are small allowing students to get plenty of one on one. With individualized attention students can set goals and work toward them.

Elite Dancers

Academy students do not come to us already knowing how to dance, but with the drive and desire to learn. That is what makes them elite. We believe attitude outweighs ability, when a child shows up to audition that is what we are looking for.

Choosing Academy

Academy is not for every student, or every family. Unbranded believes that everyone can dance, which is why we offer TWO programs. Training in both our Recreational and Academy programs are based in a technical foundation. Academy students are those who wish to focus on dance and who choose dance as "their sport" versus many of our recreational students who may do more throughout the week and cannot (or do not want) to be in the studio more than an hour or two per week.

Performance Track

Academy students will have several opportunities to perform and create, including a student summer showcase, winter storyline performance, and spring shows. 

When Are Auditions

August 9th, 2019