We Are All Dancers

Rules and Policies - Academy Dancers

Cancelation Policy

If at any time a student wishes to terminate there will be a $100 cancellation fee. Notice must be given in writing, stating you understand that you will be charged a cancellation fee, and the fee must be paid before your account with Unbranded Dance is closed.

Military members who have orders for a PCS may terminate their lesson contract as long as a copy of orders are provided at least 10 business days before the billing cycle.

No refunds, in full, or in part will be given. 


 Payment is due the first of each month. There are no refunds. You pay for the lessons whether you come or not. In the case of extreme illness, injury, or hospitalization, please contact the studio to make arrangements for the continuation of lessons.

Payments made after the 5th of the month will be charged a $50 late fee. Students not current will not be allowed to take class. Students will be dropped from class on the 15th of the month and will have to re-audition the following season for Academy. Tuition will continue to accrue.  


 Dancewear is a must. Dress code is as follows:
- Boys: Dance shirt either in black or their level color. Joggers, either UDA uniform jogger, or black/gray.
- Girls: UDA leotard or BLACK leotard. OR UDA Tank/Sports Bra. Black shorts or UDA shorts may be worn with leotards OR tank/sports bra

Long hair is required to be tied back. No necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, or plastic headbands.

General Policies

Students must be accompanied into the studio by an adult. Students will be released at the end of the sessions to the SAME adult unless other arrangements have been made and the instructor is notified.

Payment is due the first of each month. There are no refunds. You pay for the lessons whether you come or not. In the case of extreme illness, injury, or hospitalization, please contact the studio to make arrangements for the continuation of lessons.

Costs for costumes, shoes, field trips, contests, etc. will be covered by the student.

Absolutely NO gum, drink (other than water) or smoking in/at the studio. Use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Students that remain at the studio for classes for longer than 2 hours may bring food but MUST clean up after themselves.

It is recommended that each student has a bag for their belongings while at the studio. Please do not leave these, or other personal items at the studio. Unbranded Dance will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

If it is necessary to cancel class due to instructor illness you will be notified by phone, text, or e-mail. During inclimate weather Unbranded Dance will generally follow the lead of the area schools. I.E. if schools are closed so is the studio, please call or check the facebook page if you are unsure. Make up classes will be arranged.

Parents of children over 4 are encouraged to visit and watch their child's lesson during scheduled parent weeks. No guests or unscheduled visits, this is due to insurance policies and studio size. Parents of students age 4 and under may stay, but siblings, friends, extended family members beyond 1 parent, will not be allowed to participate/watch due to insurance policies.

If at anytime a student wished to drop out of classes Unbranded Dance must be notified. There will be no refunds for lessons, shoes, costumes, etc. If a child misses 3 lessons without notifying the studio the student will be dropped from dance lessons. Tuition will accrue until notification is given. See cancellation policy for further details.

Inappropriate behavior is not welcomed at the studio or towards other studio families regardless, by parents or students. Physical aggression, disregard of property, behavior that interferes with lessons, etc. will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the studio. This includes teasing, bully behavior, disrespect of teachers and staff, etc. Our studio is inclusive and poor behavior will not be tolerated

We would like to stress the HIGH standard we have for Academy students. Their behavior in school, social media, etc will be taken into account if it is a detriment to the studio or it's students. Students and parents may NOT threaten another person, wish harm, or otherwise participate in unsavory behavior.


Unbranded Dance reserves the right to terminate any class, for any reason.  If enrollment is insufficient. Students will be given the choice to transfer to another class should this happen. 

Unbranded Dance reserves the right to dismiss any student from Academy if they see fit. 

Academy is by audition only, students must demonstrate a willingness to learn, and parents must understand the commitment needed to be an Academy student. 

Registration, Tuition, Recital, Costume Fees and Policies

 A registration fee will be charged to each student. This annual fee assures the place in a given class. Class space is limited by studio size and age/ability level of students. There is no refunds of registration fees. 

Registration Fee $100

A “performance uniform” as well as a "class uniform" is required for each student. These uniforms will be provided via your registration fee.

Costumes and Recital Fees and Policies

Winter and Spring Performances

Academy members are required to participate in performances as Academy is a performance based program

Spring Date TBA

Tickets, pictures, flowers, and any additional fees in any and all events will be covered by the student. 

Parent Responsibility and Photo Release

 It shall be the responsibility of the parent’s of each child using the facilities of Unbranded Dance to educate their child (student) as to the rules of safety and conduct as specified in the “Rules and Regulations”. Parent/Student further agrees to be responsible for the conduct of the student and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Unbranded Dance and it's teachers against all claims, liability, loss, and expense incurred by reason of injury to person or property, premises including but not limited to, injury to student or property of student cause by use or misuse of Unbranded Dance property, its facilities or surrounding areas. Parent/student shall be liable to Unbranded Dance for any damages cause by his/her/students negligent or reckless use of any facilities.

Photo Release
From time to time candid photos are taken of students during dance sessions, as well as scheduled student portraits. Some photos are chosen for display, promotion, or advertising. Permission is hereby granted to Unbranded Dance to use any image produced of student as they deem appropriate