Recreational Students


In younger combo classes, ballet covers correct alignment and form as well as proper technique and terminology. Using a repetitive structure, across the floor movements, and common songs to teach the fundamentals of ballet.
Flow of movement and a understanding of terminology is our overall goal. We focus on center floor work and use International Dance Acclaim for the cornerstone of our ballet instruction.


The percussive form focuses on rhythm, musicality and timing. In young students motor skills are sharpened to allow development of understanding and executing basic steps.
In older students and adults across the floor exercises and combinations increase understanding and precision. Focus is on fundamental steps of tap dance, learning tap terminology and developing the ability to maintain correct body placement. We use Al Gilbert tap curriculum as well as International Dance Acclaim to ensure progression throughout the year.


Jazz classes explore traditional, broadway and contemporary styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere.Focus is on technique, flexibility, coordination and strength. Across the floor and combination work is a critical part of the class. 

Acrobatic training is rooted in the Acrobatic arts curriculum and focuses on progressions to ensure the safety of the students. We believe this goes hand in hand with jazz technique.