We Are All Dancers


Meredith Covert grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and began dancing by her 3rd birthday. The daughter of a dance teacher, Meredith spent most of her waking hours in class. As a young teen she began assisting in preschool and toddler classes, and by the time she began her sophomore year in college at 17, she was teaching full time.

She began her teaching career at The Dance Academy in Pinetop Arizona. There she had the opportunity to not only teach a variety of ages, but study under members of the Houston and Arizona Ballet companies. When she transferred to Arizona State University to finish her degree in theater she had the great fortune of working at Singular Sensation Dance and Theatrical Academy. There she worked with competitive dancers, and was able to work with and at times take class from Natalia Magnicaballi, principal dancer for the Arizona Ballet. 

After graduating from ASU Meredith moved back to Wisconsin to open up a dance studio in her home town. The studio offered classes for all ages, and while in Wisconsin she choreographed for several musicals.

Not long after Meredith found herself living abroad in England, while there she ran the Mildenhall Theater Company, directing and choreographing nearly a dozen shows. She worked with the competitive cheer team at Lakenheath, and choreographed dance routines for competitors, as well as teaching  free group fitness classes to military spouses.

Meredith's training and experience are vast, covering ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballroom, belly, etc. She was the first instructor in America to be trained in Highland Hustle, she is a certified dance instructor through The University of Nevada's DTU training program, and a certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor.