We Are All Dancers


Michelle Foster


  My son has been taking dance at Unbranded since the beginning. It has been such a joy to see him come out of his shell, grow and find his own self and gain confidence. The classes are wonderful, and every time we turn around he wants to try a new style of dance. The instructors are caring and genuinely seem to enjoy teaching. We love that there are opportunities to take master classes from some of the best dancers in their field. There are lots of opportunities to attend conventions, and the addition of the Competition Team has opened up a new and exciting world to us! 

Jacqui Leto-Bailey


 My girls are 7 and 11 and have been dancing for four years.  I have never met a more dedicated group of dance teachers and studio owner than Meredith and her team.  I have seen such immense progress in both of my daughters in the year we have been with Unbranded.  Meredith has such talent, and is an amazing teacher.  She encourages each and every child to go above their comfort level with dance, and when they do, the result is outstanding.  My girls have been so happy since we switched to Unbranded, and are excited to continue.  Unbranded offers a variety of classes and performance opportunities within the community.  The reasonable pricing is the icing on the cake. 

Megan Skarosi


  Just be careful when signing your kids up for dance, Meredith Covert will convince you that you can dance as well. Lol. She is an awesome teacher and a wonderful friend to the dancers. My daughter was her first student and we love the program  

Testimonials Continued

Ashley Lensie


 Unbranded Dance has been nothing less than incredible for our family. I’ve watched my kids overcome obstacles and learn how to express themselves in a creative and positive manner. Meredith has embraced their unique needs and found a way to not only include them but help them thrive and grow as dancers. My teenage son is now confident and finally feels like he has a purpose as well as a place he knows he’s accepted for who he is. My daughter has found the magic in the art of dance. Unbranded Dance has become our family and second home 

Traci Stanley


 "Meredith at Unbranded is a complete nut-job. She changes her hair more often than I change my socks. She should change her website to dabomb.com. Because she is! We love her. My hockey player son loves hip-hop! My skater girl loves ballet and hip-hop. Her teaching style makes it fun for everyone."  

Erin Tacbas


  Meredith is amazing! And her prices cannot be beat. You all should definitely try out some classes. My daughter has been with Unbranded Dance for two years. She is having so much fun and learning faster than I could have imagined.